Instant Renewal

Life is full of bumps and buises. Yet, you should know there is instant renewal in God. As I go through the medical ups and downs of living with what doctors call “chronic illness,” I am constantly relying on the Father’s renewal. There are days, when my mind tries to keep me down, tries to discourage me…

In those moments when I get discouraged, I recall the promises of God. He declared that He would never forsake or leave me. [Joshua 1:5] We can do all things through Him. [Philippians 4:13] He is not a man and will not lie. [Numbers 23:19] So, why fear? I encourage you to not succumb to the false lies of the enemy! Use each day to live your best!

So, when fear or doubt creeps up like a thief in the night, set your mind on God’s promises. Set your mind on the positive and uplifting.¬†Redirect you energy to the positive. God will not discourage or berate you. You are His special work and He¬†created you/us to enlighten this world with His love. He provides instant renewal.

Father, help us to keep our minds on you and learn to focus on your voice. Protect us from falling prey to negative thoughts, actions, and words. May your light be seen in us. Amen.

About Kecia

I believe we are spirits on a human journey. With God and the support of liked minds stars are the limit! Let's join hands and walk this journey out together.
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